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By Krisnoff Padua

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Hey where's your camel topcoat from? Looks great!

Thanks! Got it from Topman at Nordstrom over winter!



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Publish SS2014

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san francisco, ca.


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Nirvana(Harry Fraud remix)// Sam Smith

I’m not one to actually talk about my personal life. The past couple of years, I’ve really diverted my focus on just being a better me that I can be. I’ve tried building better human connection as far as friendship goes but I really avoided dating. I’ve had quite some rocky experiences and it made me really learn so much more about myself. Dating was just not a priority at all. This really made me forget how it feels to have a partner type of companionship.

I’ve recently met someone, and it’s really very interesting. Going in to dating without really expecting it is quite refreshing. It made me more expressive and really very vocal to what I want. I’m at a very good place in my life right now, and to have someone who just betters it is an amazing feeling.

Hhhmmmmmm. Yea, I have a really good feeling about this one.

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